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Department Profile

The Department of Physics began functioning from 1994 with commencement of Graduation (Physics) courseAt present the department offers Physics as a honours subject The Department is well equipped with necessary facilities and resources for teaching , higher learning and research.

The sincere and dedicated academic and non-academic staff members have been the pillars of the department, who have played key roles in the overall development of the department. They continue guiding students in achieving academic excellence and improvement of overall personality. Over the years, the students of Physics Department have been offered high quality education, with special personal care being extended to the students hailing from socially and economically weaker sections of the society.

According to physics the world consists of matter and energy. The study of physics encompasses the areas: force & motion, light, sound, electricity magnetism ,electronics ,electrical and structure of matter.

basic science especially Physics plays an important role in building the foundation for all engineering fields. Further it is very essential for all the Science students to have the knowledge of fundamentals of different aspects of physics, so as to apply them in various fields e.g. semiconductor physics in microelectronics, optics in optical fibre communication, optical amplification and multiplication, magnetic properties in computer memories, lasers for various industrial applications, and the modern physics in nuclear power generation etc.


1- discovering the most talented young people, introducing awareness in them even during the study , acquiring them to its ranks and educating them in the most advanced manner through special programs.
2- providing the students with a complete physics knowledge through its normal programs, and opening up optional and elective courses to increase their chances of success in their career years.


Theme- aspire, hard work,. And achieve the goal.
1- To awaken the young minds and discover there talent both the theory and practical physics through dedication to teach.
2- To provide quality education to local students.
3- To equip and empower students with relevant knowledge, competence and creativity for face global